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Selective Pallet Rack gives you versatility and flexibility for your pallet storage needs in your warehouse. Selective systems are created from three basic products: uprights, beams and row spacers.
We represent Speedrack Products Group who uses tubular steel for their uprights increasing torsional resistance over 200 times over an open shaped design. All Speedrack columns, beams, horizontals and diagonals are tubular.

Drive-In systems reduce the number of lift truck aisles required by maximizing cube utilization. It is ideal for space savings in coolers and freezers. It allows you to double the storage capacity in a given area.

Carton flow racks are gravity flow storage systems used for handling cartons of various sizes. It is perfect for order picking operations, distribution centers and manufacturing plants. It uses either inclined shelves with roller tracks or beam decks or beam tracks to facilitate and increase product movement.

Pushback racks should be used in facilities that have multiple pallets per item and high occupancy needs. A pushback rack system fills the storage cube with product, not aisles. Pallets are placed by forklift on nested carts riding on inclined rails. Each pallet is then pushed back by subsequent pallet loading, exposing the new cart. When removing product, the forklift takes out the front pallet, allowing the pallets on carts behind it to roll gently to the front of the rack. The nested carts make placement and retrieval easy.

Cantilever racks are ideal for products that are bulky, load or oddly shaped such as building materials, pipes, furniture and steel.
The lack of front columns which restrict horizontal space makes material handling easier and more efficient.

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